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Weighted Survival Analysis

I'd like to run a weighted Survival Analysis - however 'Weight' is not an option like it is in all the other Fit Model Dialog Boxes in JMP. My data comes from a seed dispersal experiment - where multiple pods dispersed seeds at a time (increasing the number of seeds and the likelihood of a rare long distance dispersal event happening). I'd like to be able to weight my Y observations (seed dispersal distance) with the number of pods that released seeds at that event.

Any idea why and how to run an analysis with a weighting component? I've found possibly one avenue if I try my hand at SAS - Thanks!



Re: Weighted Survival Analysis

Hi Matt,

Can you use the Freq role in Fit Model? It seems like it should work for you in terms of weighting the observations by the number of pods released at each event.


Michael Crotty
Sr Statistical Writer
JMP Development
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