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Using Existing DOE responses and factors for analysis in JMP

Is there a way to use existing custom DOE responses and factors to fit models and analysis?

Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Yep! The first thing is to make sure that you code your factors so that the fits are not biased. The next steps are
1. Analyze-->Fit Model
2. Enter the Y-responses you want to model
3. Enter the model effects you want examine
4. For the pesonality pull-down, choose Stepwise and then select Run Model
5. In the resulting box, choose
5a. Prob to enter: 0.05
5b. Direction: forward
5c. hit "go"
-----The result will be the factors have a 95% probability of affecting your responses
6. Select "make model" using the chosen factors
7. In the resulting screen, select "run model"
8. Analyze the results and impress your friends and co-workers!