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Question on one way analysis


My goal: Generate 100 different box plots using ENT on the X axis and various other parameter's on Y axis.

I have a table with 100 continuous variables like height and weight from Big

I would like to create a for loop with "i" index sweeping from 1 to 100 and execute the following statement 100 times to print out box plots.

p= Oneway( Y( :list1 ),    X( :ENT ) );

For some reason oneway is not able to take list1 as it's input.

What is the best way to create multiple box plots using recursive functions?

Thanks for your help[,


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Re: Question on one way analysis

Try without the scoping operator

p= Oneway( Y( list1 ),    X( :ENT ) );

dt = Open("$SAMPLE_DATA/Big");

list1 = dt << get column names(numeric);

For(i = 1, i <= N Items(list1), i++,

    p = Oneway(Y(list1[i]), X(:age))


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