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Open binary data in JMP?

I was wondering if its possible to read raw binary data into a JMP script variable? (similar to fread() in Matlab)

Currently to analyze some data that is saved in binary format, I run Matlab to pull the data and save it into a *.csv, which I then load into JMP for plotting/statistical analysis. I'd prefer to be able to just run one script rather than jumping from program to program.
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Re: Open binary data in JMP?

Yes -- the answer is blobs. First use Open Text File() with the "blob" argument which will read the entire file into a blob (Binary Large OBject). For there JMP provides a few functions to extracting data from a blob. The most powerful is Blob To Matrix() is the file contains a run to simmilar data (integers or floating point numbers, for instance). Use Blob Peek() to extract a subblob to get the part you want to convert.

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