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One way ANOVA comparing means.

I've had a look through the forums and can't find an answer to this, what I assume is a fairly easy question ( if someone has already answered it please just point me in the right direction..)

Is there a way to get JMP to give a t value for each level in a student t test and also q value in a comparison of all pairs using Tukey-Kramer HSD?.

hopefully that isn't to silly of a question.

I worked it out. was easy enough.....
Use the Fit Y by X platform. Specify your response and x variable.

Then on the red-traingle menu, select Compare Means > Each Pair, Student's t to do a t test of each pair. Select Compare Means > All Pairs, Tukey HSD to do a Tukey test on each pair. The t values and q values are part of the output. Remember, the t test doesn't correct for multiple comparisons, the Tukey test does. JMP has other multiple comparison procedures on that same menu. JMP 9 has all that plus nonparametric multiple comparisons.

Now that I read your post again, you may be asking about something else. If you are looking for JMP functions that will return quantiles or probabilties, then consider the following functions:

t distribution
t quantile
Tukey HSD Quantile
Tukey HSD P Value

They are found in the formula editor or in JSL.
thanks for the reply much appreciated