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Multiple Fits Within a Graph

Hey guys, I am trying to visually represent trends in many groups of sets of data as efficiently as possible.  My thoughts were to use an XY bivariate and draw splines through points, as shown below.  I did this one by drawing/editing splines one data set at a time using the row filter, but this is very time consuming over a large data set and I can't figure out how to automate it into a script.  Is there a way to script many splines in a data set?  Alternately, are there easier ways to run this kind of visual analysis on many sets of data?


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Re: Multiple Fits Within a Graph

The smoother in graph builder is a subic spline with a lambda of 0.05.  If that works for your situation, then your plot could create a seperate smoother line for each grouping in graph builder by overlaying a column whose values correpsond to the groupings you want the points/smoothers divided into.

If you want to stay with a bivariate plot, you can also do the same thing using the "group by" option where you would select a column whose values correspond to the groupings.

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