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MS OLAP and x-axis ordering

I'm a JMP newbie here, I have 2 questions (I'm using JMP 7)
1) I'm trying to use one column of data for the x-axis of a bubble chart and a different column to sort the x-axis labels by. I used the code snippet below that I got for this forum

For Each Row( fiscalList2[Row()] = Column( "fiscalweek2" )[] );
//Column( "fiscalweek2" ) << set property( value ordering, Eval( fiscalList2 ) );

chartTitle = concat("Total Lot Yields by week: ",windowtitle);

Bubble Plot(
X( :fiscalweekindex ),
Y( :stepyield ),
Sizes( :numlots),
Circle Size(0.75),
All Labels( 0 ),
Separate Axes( 1 ),
{Scale( Linear ), Format( "Best" ), Min( 80 ),
Max( 101), Inc(2.5), Minor Ticks( 5 ),
Add Ref Line( 95, Solid, Light Fuchsia ),
Add Ref Line( 97, Solid, Green ),
Add Ref Line( 92.5, Solid, Dark Red )}
"Bubble Plot",
Frame Size( 645, 180 )

and it worked for other types of charts I have in the script - except for this bubble chart, JMP reacts very badly, throwing an exception and completely shutting down. The only difference that I can see between working and not working is that the chart where it blows up has multiple Y data points on each x-axis point.

The only way I got the chart to sort the way I wanted it to was to add numbering to the beginning of the labeling.

2) does JMP through ODBC connection handle MS OLAP databases?