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JSL: save the dashboard output as pdf

Hi all, 


my script  does some analysis and puts the output into a dashboard. As the next step, I want the script to save the dashboard in a different format, say PDF. I failed all my tries. I am using JMP 14 (not JMP Pro). I checked the post where smth similar was done with the help of Application Buildier in JMP Pro, but that seems not to be very useful in my case.


I would appreciate very much if you share your thoughts.

Thank you



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Re: JSL: save the dashboard output as pdf

Here is an example that uses a sample application builder.  I have JMP Pro, so I am not sure it will work.


However, if you know the name or can get a handle to the dashboard window you just created (see comment lines ) the rest of the script might work.  Note you might have to scale your page to get the display you want.


Names Default to Here(1);

dbapp = JMP App();
dbapp << open file("$Sample_Dashboards/Six Quality Graphs Dashboard.jmpappsource");
dbapp << Edit Application;
dbapp << Run Application;

//get a handle to your dashboard using window list 
//or dbwin = window("your title")

_xx = get window list( );

//should be the last window created
If( !Contains( _xx[nitems(_xx)] << get window title, "Dashboard"), Throw()); 

dbwin = _xx[nitems(_xx)];

myjrn = New Window("DashBoard Report", <<Journal);

dbwin << Journal( Freeze All);

myjrn <<Set page setup(
	margins( .5, .5, .5, .5 ),
	scale( .66 ),
	portrait( 0 ),
	paper size( "Letter" ) 

myjrn <<Save PDF("c:\temp\mypdf.pdf");

Screen capture of PDF fileScreen capture of PDF file

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