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JMP Control Chart Phase/Axis Organization

Hello! I recently am struggling with an issue in Control Charts.


I have data organized by date with two main phases. Essentially, I want to be able to overlay the phases because in my data I go from phase A, to phase B, then back to phase A over time. By default JMP will separate my phases, then sort by date. This means the data is not in order by date, and all my phase B data is placed after phase A. Some of the phase B data happened before some of the phase A data so I want to be able to overlay them. An example of what I want in an excel graph is shown below:


You can see I alternate phases in this data. This data had date on the x-axis and every point was orderd by date.


You can also see that the means are shown on the data, with the averages shared across the phase. There is the same mean level for the A phase data and the same for all the B phase data, even though the phases were not totally continuous.


To get a similar graph displayed in JMP I have to label the phases with a new label every time it switches. I.E. Phase A, Phase B, Phase A revisit, Phase B revisit. This still wont allow me to share the average across those phases but will order everything by date.


Unfortunatley the control chart builder is very rigid in how it organizes phases/subgroups. Is there any way I can work around it without manually coding in an entirely new figure from scratch?


While not as ideal, I would also be open to using graph builder. So far I have tried using date as the x axis and phase as the overlay variable, but can't find a way to draw a mean bar across the data. Is there a way to group data as a series perhaps?


Thank you in advance for the help, I will be happy to provide any clarification necessary!






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Re: JMP Control Chart Phase/Axis Organization


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