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How to normalize data in the same column?


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Aug 1, 2016

I have a data set containing 2 columns of interest: Incident number of an accident, and the date that incident occurred on. We made some changes to our traffic patterns, earlier this year. What I'm interested in looking at is whether the changes made to traffic patterns caused a change in the number of incidents/day. But when I look at this using the Graph Builder in JMP, it only gives me a count of incidents before the date of the changes and incidents after the date of the changes. We have data for the past few years, so naturally we have more data for time before the changes were implemented, than we have data for time after the changes have been made. What I'm interested in looking at is a way to normalize this data for incidents/day before the changes and incidents/day after the changes. What is a way that I would go about doing this? Thanks for any help in advance.


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Jun 23, 2011

hi ajguerrero​,

i am not sure i understand your question, next time post an example of the data (can be fake).

anyhow, try to use table summary, put the date in the grouping and ask for the sum of the numbers. this should give you the total of events per day.