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How to do D optimal design in JMP

I'm a beginner with JMP. 

Objective of my study is to find out optimized choice cards to the commuter under different scenarios. I have identified 3 alternatives (option A, B, C) with 4 attributes each namely, CC, TTS, DTD and PLR. 

For option A : (arranged from worst to best)

CC - 3 levels (70,60,50)

TTS - 3 levels (5,10,15)

DTD1 - 2 levels (20,10)

PLR1 - 3 levels (10,20,30)

For option B : (arranged from worst to best)

DTD2 - 4 levels (-20,-10,10,20)

PLR2 - 3 levels (10,20,30)

For option C : (arranged from worst to best)

DTD3 - 4 levels (-20,-10,10,20)

PLR3 - 3 levels (-30,-20,-10)

As from the above identified factors and levels - My combinations turns out to be - 3*3*2*3*4*3*4*3 =  7776. Which is very high for creating profiles and I need to d optimize the choice cards.

I wanted to do DOE with these factors and levels in order to create significant choice cards. But I'm unable to understand which design method I should opt for. Kindly help me out. 

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Re: How to do D optimal design in JMP

First off, I suggest that you read the "DOE Guide" from the JMP Documentation Library that was installed on your computer when JMP was installed.

     Help==>JMP Documentation Library

There you will find that D-Optimal designs are handled in Custom Design


     DOE==>Custom Design

And then under the red triangle options you will find


An easy way to have found the path to the D-Optimal design is through the Statistics Index in JMP.  If you go to

     Help==>Statistics Index

and scroll down to, or click on the selections and type in D-Optimal you will find



Re: How to do D optimal design in JMP

There is also an optimal choice design platform in JMP that might suit your purpose. It is also explained in the same guide that @txnelson referred to.

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