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Data Filter to select missing


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011


I am attempting script a plot Y by X plot and constrain the rows to those missing in column Z.  I am modifying some existing code and the local filter is defined


  Add Filter( columns( :Fid_data_check ), Where( :Fid_data_check == "not found" ) )

but this depended on the creation of a column externally in Excel that was either "OK" or "Not Found".  I am moving the entire workflow to eliminate the need of Excel and would like to take advantage of the is missing values handling.

I am trying:

  Add Filter( columns( :Z ), Where( is missing(:Z) ) ),

The Log window says that; Range value cannot be missing.

How do I need to modify the Add Filter line?


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

The best way to figure stuff like this out is to let JMP write it for you.

In the Data Filter there's a Select Missing option in the red triangle above a column.


Turn that on and then save the filter script to a script window to see how to script it.


Current Data Table() << Data Filter(

  Location( {838, -4} ),

  Add Filter( columns( :weight ), Display( :weight ), Select Missing( :weight ) )