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Data Filter to select missing


I am attempting script a plot Y by X plot and constrain the rows to those missing in column Z.  I am modifying some existing code and the local filter is defined


  Add Filter( columns( :Fid_data_check ), Where( :Fid_data_check == "not found" ) )

but this depended on the creation of a column externally in Excel that was either "OK" or "Not Found".  I am moving the entire workflow to eliminate the need of Excel and would like to take advantage of the is missing values handling.

I am trying:

  Add Filter( columns( :Z ), Where( is missing(:Z) ) ),

The Log window says that; Range value cannot be missing.

How do I need to modify the Add Filter line?

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Re: Data Filter to select missing

The best way to figure stuff like this out is to let JMP write it for you.

In the Data Filter there's a Select Missing option in the red triangle above a column.


Turn that on and then save the filter script to a script window to see how to script it.


Current Data Table() << Data Filter(

  Location( {838, -4} ),

  Add Filter( columns( :weight ), Display( :weight ), Select Missing( :weight ) )