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Countour Plot X and Y values?

Dear ALL

Hi I want to use contour for my data. Could you please tell what are these X Y and Z values used for creating contours. I tried  example of and

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Re: Countour Plot X and Y values?

From the Contour Plot help:

The Contour Plot command in the Graph menu constructs contours of a response in a rectangular coordinate system. A contour plot shows a three-dimensional surface in two dimensions. Contours delineate changes in the third dimension.

So, the X and Y correspond to the X and Y axes. The Z defines the third dimension for the contours.


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Re: Countour Plot X and Y values?

The input dialog screen for the Contour Plot platform are confusing.  Discussion of the complete Contour platform is available in JMP:

     Help==>Books==>Essential 111

For the example data table "Little Pond", the columns X and Y should be moved into the "X" selection box, and the Z column moved into the "Y" selection box.