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Copy/Paste distributions

I'm trying to copy/paste many distributions from JMP into a PowerPoint.  Sometimes the distributions are pasted as column and sometimes a row.  I would like to "paste" them into a row, but can't figure out how to specify.





Re: Copy/Paste distributions

I have not seen this behavior. If I have the JMP report structured the right way, select the items I want, copy and then paste-special into PowerPoint everything goes fine.


The only anomaly that I have found is that if I have a JMP report with the distributions selected, then rearrange the report (perhaps by arranging in rows), then choose copy (because the distributions are still selected), it may not capture the rearrangement. I need to deselect the selection and re-select the rearranged distributions before copying.


If this does not answer your question, you will need to provide more details on exactly what you are doing.

Dan Obermiller
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