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Control Chart Builder & Levey Jennings phases

Dear JMP community,

I have recently migrated to the Control Chart Builder Platform from the old Levey Jennings platform and is experiening some strange behavior for the new charts.


It seems like my Levey Jennings chart constructed using the Control Chart Builder platform is using the same standardeviation to calculate the control limit in all phases, which is not the case for the old platform or for the Individual Measurement Control Chart.


Is there any way to force the Levey Jennings to calculate new standard deviations for each phase in the new platform?

I am very often working on project which aims to reduce variations, and it is company best practice to use Levey Jennings charts. So this feature is sort of a dealbreaker for my usage of the new platform eventhough I like all the advantages.


As a side note I have noted that the new platform is not doing connect the dots if there is missing labels on the x-axis, is there any way to force it to do that as well?

The old platform just connect the dots for everything.


Thanks in advance,



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