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Bi-plots with error bars for both axis

I would like to construct a bi-plot (double plot; two-way distribution), see example below. It would be a central point marking the mean for a given group, with error bars (standard deviation) for both parameters (both axis). I can't find a way to do this easily in jmp, and would appreciate some hints or suggestions. Thanks. Morten, Norway.





Re: Bi-plots with error bars for both axis

Please find attached a very old add-in (from 2006, actually). It's quite likely that there is a much better way now, but this might suffice.


Re: Bi-plots with error bars for both axis

Hi @Jartun ,


This can be done in Graph Builder in  JMP 15 (or JMP 14).


  • Start with a summarize table with these columns: group, mean for x variable, std. dev for x-axis, mean for y variable, std. dev. for y-axis.  I used Big Class.jmp and tabulate to make the summarized table and then converted to a JMP Data Table.



  • Drag  mean for x to x-axis (height) and mean for y to y-axis (weight)
  • Change the Error Interval (called Error Bars in JMP 14) to Two-way Interval


  • Drag Std. Dev. for x-axis to interval box/zone on right.
  • Drag Std. Dev. for y-axis to same interval box/zone but just to the right of the x-axis std. dev. (see below picture)


  • Add group to Color zone or use Rows>Color or Mark By Column menu function.  The final plot looks something like this:Graph Builder.jpg

Hope that is what you are looking for.



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