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Automated and Prioritized Control charts



ive been made aware of some functionality in JMP where by i could import a table of process data (hundreds of columns for differant read outs and thousands of data points), and within 30 seconds JMP could produce control charts for all of the read outs, apply SPC rules then present me with all the control charts in a prioritised order starting with the read out which is statistically the most out of control. Please could someone point me in the right direction as to where this functionality sits? Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: Automated and Prioritized Control charts

I believe what you are looking for is Process Screening. It's in Analyze > Screening > Process Screening. It will return a ranking of responses by their stability index value. You can then do things like select rows in that table and generate control charts. They will highlight the points that violate various runs rules.
-- Cameron Willden
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Re: Automated and Prioritized Control charts

To add a bit to @cwillden's reply, you can also change the column in the platform report that is used to sort the columns by right clicking in the report window in a column header. Sorting options are available for ascending or descending order. Many red hot spot options available in this platform for report and data drill down or discovery based on what you see.
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