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Advice for analyzing frequency response

Hello everybody,


I am trying to analyze a set of measurements that I took for mechanical devices I am working on.


For each of the device, I get a frequency response, i.e a set of amplitude values, one for each tested frequency. So each device measurement results in a vector of amplitude values.

I have organized my JMP file as follows: the first column describes the tested frequency, and then each column correspond to the measurement vector (i.e the amplitude value for each frequency for that particular device), as can be seen below:


Screenshot 2020-09-21 165334.png


Using the graph builder, I could overlay all the frequency response, which is pretty cool:



Screenshot 2020-09-21 163215.png


Now I am trying to analyze these data. First, I would like to get the average frequency response curve (averaged over device) and the standard deviation per frequency, represented as a tube or histograms per frequency.


Could anyone recommend the proper JMP file organization and proper analysis procedure to extract these?


Thank you very much!



Super User

Re: Advice for analyzing frequency response

I suggest that you take a look at the Functional Data Explorer.  It analyzes curves such as you have specified.  Look in the Predictive and Specialized Modeling documentation, in the JMP Documentation Library.