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Production Line Control in Semiconductor High-Volume Manufacturing (2020-EU-45MP-472)

Level: Intermediate


Bugnon Guillaume, Data Management Engineer, SOITEC
Baptiste Follet, Yield Engineer, Soitec
Stephane Astie, Yield Manager, SOITEC


Semiconductor companies are continuously challenged on manufacturing cost and quality. An effective yield management system is key to detect line drift and minimize scrap to reduce wafer cost and quality impacts. JMP has helped Soitec to improve yield since 2007 by providing an easy-to-use tool to visualize equipment data versus product yield data. Methods for performing a set of statistical tests adapted to the nature of the response distribution (normal, non-normal, binary) were developed in 2010 for the yield team to find the root cause of the issue (Yield Guard dedicated JMP/JSL application). In multiple products and a full fab environment, data quality and real time analysis are critical for accurate drift root cause determination. Agile collaboration between IT and yield teams allows us to develop an automatic tool to reach those goals in order to control our production line. We would be proud to present our methodology from data collection to data analysis. The presentation will be done interactively with JMP and JSL codes.