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Jul 7, 2014

JMP Federal Government User Resources Page

JMP and JMP PRO 13 Receive US Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) - 10 October 2017

Product Name:  SAS JMP Pro 13.X and SAS JMP 13.x

CONID:  000034751

CaseID:  CERT-201722055

Expires: 10OCT2020

Product Facts:

*This is an upgrade to Certificate 201519172.

*This Certificate of Networthiness includes the SAS JMP 13.x and SAS JMP Pro 13.x editions.

Submitted Date:  31Jan2017


Upcoming Conference Presentations



Recorded Webcasts


Building Better Models

Overview and Use of Honest Assessment


Linear, Stepwise, Logistic, Generalized/ Penalized, & All Possible

Decision Trees 

Simple Partition, Bootstrap Forest, & Boosted Tree

Custom DOE

Make the Design Fit the Problem

Definitive Screening Designs (DSD)

Creation & Augmentation

Power Calculation via MC Simulation

Binary Responses & Split-Plot Designs

Special Case Custom DOE 

Augmentation &  Design from a Candidate Set

Analyzing DSD DOEs 

Graphical Methods & Fit Definitive Screening Platform

Data Transformations 

Get Rid of L-o-F, Predictions Make Physical Sense

Text Exploration 

Analyze Unstructured Free Text

All Graphs are Wrong - Some are Useful -

Based on Xan Gregg's 2015 JMP Discovery Summit Presentation

Exploratory Data and Root Cause Analyses 

Case Studies


Recordings of the 2015 Webex Series - Using JMP 12 and JMP PRO 12

Click the "blue text title" in each cell to go to recording page


Mon. July 27, 2015

Tue. July 28, 2015

Wed. July 29, 2015

Thur.  July 30, 2015

    1    BBM

Building Better Models -Overview and Use of

Honest Assessment

Regression -  

Linear, Logistic,Generalized

Decision Trees -

Basic, Bootstrap Forest, Boosted Tree

Neural Networks -

Single Layer, Dual Layer, Boosted

    2    DOE

Custom DOE -

Make the Design Fit the Problem

Definitive Screening

Designs (DSD) -

Creation & Augmentation

Covering Arrays -    

Detect Faults in Software & Systems

Space-Filling Designs 

for Computer Simulations


Mix of Topics

JMP Tips & Tricks      

"Wish I knew then what I know now."

Analyzing DSD DOEs 

Graphical, Conservative & Aggressive Approaches

Preparing Data for Analysis -

Now Easier in JMP 12

Getting the Most from Graph Builder -

Tips & Tricks


2017 85th MORSS Tutorial Slides Available for Download

          85th Military Operations Research Society Symposium (MORSS)

          United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 

          Click here to download PDF copies of slides.


Over the course of the 85th MORS Symposium Tom Donnelly presented eight1-hour tutorials:

19496 - Building Better Models Using Robust Data Mining Methods  

19716 - Exploratory Data Analysis and Root Cause Analysis -

            "What can you do when you don't have a designed experiment?"

19497 - Making Your Design of Experiments (DOE) Fit Real-World Problems 

19501- Using Definitive Screening Designs to Get More Information from Fewer Trials

19498 - Efficient Modeling & Simulation Using Design of Experiments Methods

19500 - Calling All Chemists – Efficient Formulation Design

19713- How to Compare and Choose Experimental Designs

19499 - All Graphs are Wrong – Some are Useful

 Click here to download PDF copies of slides.


 View and Download DOE Tutorial Handout from June 2011, 80th MORSS


New User Welcome Kit

Looking to quickly climb JMP's learning curve?  Here's the link you'll want to click. Click here.

JMP Resources for New Users - Lots of useful links...  Download PDF Click here.


In a hurry? Watch this "83-second Overview  of JMP" Click here


Links to "What's New in JMP 13?"

New in JMP 13 video – 8 min. Click here.

New in JMP Pro 13 video – 5 min Click here.

Getting Started with JMP 13, Part 1 video – 15 min. Click here.

Getting Started with JMP 13, Part 2 video – 14 min. Click here.

Getting Started with JMP 13, Part 3 video – 22 min. Click here.

Advanced Mastering JMP®: Retrieving and Organizing Text for Analysis:

In three parts taking 15, 18 and 19 minutes. Click here.

Here’s a link to register to see John Sall’s 81-minute intro of JMP 13 at the Discovery Summit. Click here.


Short Demo Recordings on these JMP Capabilities (AVG < 5 minutes)
  1. Exploratory Data Analysis with Graph Builder - root cause analysis
  2. Query Builder and Graph Builder - filter a database and then explore the data
  3. Optimization of Multiple Responses - Trade-Space Analysis
  4. Saving Analyses to PowerPoint - save optimization analyses to PPT
  5. Decision Support Dashboard of C-5 Analysis
  6. Putting Data on Maps - global, national, street level
  7. Adding Images to Data Table and Graphs
  8. Covering Array for finding faults in software or communication systems
  9. Remotely Run "R" Using Multidimensional Scaling Add-in


2016 JMP Discovery Summit 2016

Over 290 attendees and 193 staff were on hand in Cary for the official launch of JMP 13. The Event Highlights page has loads of photos, as well as links to papers, posters, and videos


Register for 2017 JMP Discovery Summit Click here to submit abstract by 28 April.


The JMP Design of Experiments Advantage

by Marie Gaudard and Susan Conaghan, A JMP White Paper (2016)

A detailed overview of all the Design of Experiments methods available in JMP. Download Article


Case Studies: Definitive Screening Applied to a Simulation Study of the F100-229 Engine Repair Network
by Raymond R. Hill, Alex J. Gutman, Roger D. Moulder, Tom D. Stafford & Kelly R. Bush, in Quality Engineering (2015)

Authors are from the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Click here to download from Quality Engineering.


Blog About the Hottest JMP Add-ins of 2015

Top 10 JMP add-ins of 2015

See other interesting blogs by Arati Mejdal, JMP's Social Media Manager, here.

JMP 12 Receives US Air Force Network Integration Certificate (AFNIC) Approval - 30 September 2015

3296 - JMP 12 v12.x has been certified. The Certification Memo can be found here:

JMP and JMP PRO 12 Receive US Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) - 7 July 2015

SAS Institute JMP PRO 12.x - CERT 201519172, has been signed. The published CoN can be found at this link:


JMP Discovery Summit 2015 Presentations:

Nearly 30 Federal Government users attended JMP Discovery Summit 2015 in San Diego Sep. 14-17.  Presentations by some of these attendees included:

  1. The top rated poster <strong><span style="color: #0000ff;" data-mce-style="color: #0000ff;">Thermocouples: Simple Tempera... by Vicki A. Barbur, PhD (barburv), and Michael Tims from Concurrent Technology Corporation.
  2. The standing room only talk on the <strong><span style="color: #0000ff;" data-mce-style="color: #0000ff;">Use of JMP® in the Developmen... by Paul Anderson, PhD (, Paula Cook and Edward Cooke -  chemists at the US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC).
  3. The poster Recrystallization of DATNBI Guided by JMP by Edward Cooke, Paul Anderson, PhD, and Alexander Paraskos, PhD - chemists at ARDEC
  4. The poster Utilization of JMP for Nicotine Biomarker Method Validation by Stephen Arnstein - chemist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

All of the papers and posters from the conference are available in .



Explorers Event Presentation:

FAA Air Traffic Data - Visualization and Modeling

Download Presentation Slides first shown in February 2013 at JMP Explorers Event


ITEA Presentation:

Reanalysis of Pass-Fail Detector Test Data Using DOE and

Monte Carlo Simulation of an Analog Response to Reduce the Number of Tests

Download Presentation Slides first shown in January 2011 at the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) System of Systems Engineering Workshop


Example JMP Analyses and Data Visualizations


Recordings of "Using JMP Webcasts" from 2014

November 24, December 1, 8, 15 & 22

Click here to see topics and associated links.


Design of Experiments (DOE) Webcast Recordings

Mastering JMP series Webcast DOE topics presented by Tom Donnelly:

Over 40 more On-Demand Mastering JMP webcasts on a variety of topics can be found here. 

Six of these discuss Design of Experiments:

One more DOE video well worth viewing is from YouTube.  Professor Stu Hunter introduces the speaker and shares his comments on Definitive Screening Designs which he calls "Jones-Nachtsheim" designs.

JMP Learning Library

This is one of the best educational resources for new users of JMP.  There are 12 topic categories featuring nearly 100 one-page guides on how to quickly do the most important things in JMP.  Virtually all topics have a companion 1 to 3-minute YouTube "Demo" video.  Many even have a "Take Tutorial" link.  Put together by the JMP Academic Team the Learning Library is one of the hidden gems on the JMP website - so please explore!

Step-by-Step DOE Examples

  • Seven-component mixture DOE with seven constraints - example of "mixture within a mixture" design
  • Ten-factor, four-type-of-factor, with additional constraints, real-world DOE - "everything but the kitchen sink" design

Click here to go to download page for these documents

And Still More Links

Click here to go to JMP Federal Government Home Page in

It is a great summary of the resources.

For the Recordings from Webex Week, July 27-30, 2015, I can access them until yesterday. But when I access them today, it says "

Invalid Request

This URL is invalid. Please contact the publisher or your site administrator."  whenever I click any of the URL link.

Could you please figure out and fix the problem at your earlier convenience?



Sorry for the tardy response. I have found out that the recordings were removed from the server hosting them - thus breaking the links in the table of recordings. I am looking into how to get the recordings reloaded to a server and the links repaired. It may be until late next week before the links are all repaired. Thanks for viewing the recording content.

Tom Donnelly, PhD, CAP

JMP Sr. Systems Engineer

& Co-insurrectionist


I also notice "For all the link from Summer Webex Week, Aug 1-4, 2016", all the linked pages still show that the seminars are not started yet although now is Sept 3, 2016. Will all of them be updated and become available soon?

Thanks for your help. Look forward to the fix



Hi, Tom

Any update on the reloading of the recordings?