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Tracking and Trending Manufacturing Metrics


See how to:

  • Understand how control charts to identify special causes of variation.
  • Build charts using Control Chart Builder
  • Save Control Charts to PowerPoint


See how to:

  • Build IR Charts
  • Avoid issues related to missing values
  • Limit data points to improve readability
  • Automate reproducing your work using scripts created by JMP and by implementing techniques to make the x-axis scaling dynamic


See how to:

  • Use two different approaches for handling control limits
    • Use and reuse the same fixed limits based on best case when the process was in control
    • Calculate limits each time you have new data
  • Save control limits both to the column and to a new table
  • Add control limits from a limits table to a table containing the variables for the control charts


See how to:

  • Use JMP Profilers to find settings that will result in the lowest probability of defects
  • Model the process and compare maximized process settings to those for minimized defects


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