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Producing and Interpreting Basic Statistics



See how to:

  • Find and interpret data central trend (mean, median, frequency/counts, confidence interval of the mean)
  • Find and interpret data spread/variability (standard deviation, range, interquartile range)
  • Determine if average or spread is different from some important value (mean difefrence, p-value)
  • Find and interpret relationship between variables (mean difference, p-value, R2; correlation, regression slope)

Note: Q&A included at times 44:41 and 45:43.




see how to: Understand data table organization before starting analyses Create Distributions and auto-generate statistics for categorical and continuous variables Highlight and subset rows Hide and exclude data from statistical analysis Use red triangle hot spots to see list of, choose and customize relevant analysis options that add statistics to reports Manipulate, rescale and rebin data in graphs; show labels and pictures associated with variables to help interpret statistical results Interactively create simple and more complex local data filters to dynamically see displayed statistics change by variable values Create data table global data filter that applies to all analyses and statistics Run and interpret basic inferential statistics including hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, probabilities, test statistics and p-value Select and interpret fits for multiple types of distributions for continuous values; view normal quantile plot and goodness of fit Save statistics to data table for easy replay Use Graph Builder to create simple statistical models for one continuous or categorical variable Use Column Switcher to easily examine and compare statistics describing input variable impact on response variable Create different report formats and statistics for different variable combinations Use Fit Y x X to model explanatory variables, let JMP run analyses and get statistics appropriate for the data (ANOVA for categorical; regression for continuous) and interactively select further statistical tests appropriate for the data type including hypothesis test, t-test, confidence intervals, R2 and adjusted R2 Note: Q&A included at times 46:06 and 46:48.