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JMP® Clinical: Generating Semi-Automated Patient Narratives for Regulatory Submission



See how to:

  • Understand benefits of using JMP Clinical to generate patient narratives
  • Customize Narratives Using Templates
    • Register a study
    • Explore and select subjects for narratives
    • Select Adverse Event narrative template
    • Specify information to include in narratives (event types, exposures, concomitant medications and medical history)
    • Select findings to include in narratives
    • Examine narratives
    • Save narratives as MS Word files
  • Generate Graphical Patient Profiles
    • Examine and interpret graphical and tabular patient results
    • Copy graphs and tables to narratives
    • Export tables to MS Word
    • Customize, select and reorder graphical information
    • Save customized graphical format to Patient Profile template for reuse

NOTE: Q&A included at 28:40.