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Identifying Important Variables in Your Data


See how to:

  • Find important factors in large data using Response Screening
    • Examine FDR PValue Plot, FDR LogWorth by Effect Size, FDR LogWorth by RSquare
  • Identify important variables using Predictor Screening, a decision-tree based method for screening many predictors for their ability to predict an outcome
  • Identify unique important variables using variable clustering to group similar variables into representative groups
    • Understand and examine how each cluster can be represented by a single component or variable to eliminate  multicollinearity between variables
    • Interpret Color Map on Correlations, Cluster summary, Cluster Members and Standard Components reports
  • Identify interactions among unique and important factors using Fit Model - Response Screening
    • Interpret FDR PValue Plot and FDR LogWorth by Rank Fraction reports using Graph Builder
  • Identify the best subset of variables and interactions for building Regression Models
    • Group similar variables into representative groups
    • Interpret Stepwise Regression Control and Estimates reports

NOTE: Q&A is included at times 18:23, 19:12, 34:07, 42:14, 43:50, 45:07, 46:06, and 47:23.


Steps in Identifying Important Variables.JPG


Attached JMP Journal should work for all.  Project file .zip file includes a JMP 15 Project Archive that requires unzipping to work with JMP 15 or later.  See JMP archive documentation for help after you unzip the file.


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