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Practice JMP using these webinar videos and resources. We hold live Mastering JMP Zoom webinars with Q&A most Fridays at 2 pm US Eastern Time. See the list and register. Local-language live Zoom webinars occur in the UK, Western Europe and Asia. See your country site.

Using Generalized Regression in JMP® Pro to Create Robust Linear Models


See how to:

  • Understand the benefits of Generalized Regression (Penalized Regression)
  • Use JMP Pro lasso and elastic net shrinkage techniques to reduce prediction variance, handle non-normal and zero-inflated responses, model mean responses and select the best model interactively.


See how to:

  • Use JMP Pro Quantile Regression to handle situations where one does not want to model mean responses
  • Understand the basics of Cauchy regression and median regression

Hello Brady, this is great! Thank you for posting. Is it possible to get your journal?

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