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One-click export to Microsoft PowerPoint

In a previous post titled “Saving graphs tables and reports in JMP,” I shared with you how to copy/paste JMP content into PowerPoint. Now I want to follow up by showing how you can export JMP reports directly in to the .pptx file format. The export writes graphs, tables, text and outline titles directly from JMP to PowerPoint. 

Exporting to PowerPoint

If you use JMP on Windows: Click File > Save As…, select PowerPoint Presentation from the Save as type: drop-down menu, and save to the desired location.





If you use JMP on a Mac: Click File > Export…, select the Microsoft PowerPoint option, click Next, and save to the desired location.

Some things to know about this:

  • Each element (i.e., graphic or table) of the report is placed on a separate slide.
  • Table contents are editable within PowerPoint.
  • Once content is in PowerPoint, you can update styles, move content around and better incorporate your own content.

Changing the Template Background

PowerPoint supplies most of the visual styling such as table colors, fonts, title size, etc., based on the template used. JMP ships with a default template. If you have a company standard template (or theme), you can easily change it by going to the Design tab in PowerPoint.

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Community Trekker

Hi @MaryLoveless , this is very helpful.    How do I solve the extra white space that gets printed with this solution?  I'm using PowerPoint 2016 on a Windows machine & JMP 14.0.  I tried all three graphic export options and none solved this issue.


Graphic format options and results

  • PNG - the big whitespace issue. Waaaay off the bottom of the slide.  Hard to crop because PowerPoint wants to flip to the next slide when you scroll down.
    • My work around is select the image in PowerPoint, > Format (at the top) > color > set transparent color > then click the extra whitespace on the image.
  • JPEG and EMF - still whitespace, but the picture is shrunk to fit vertically on the slide.
    • My work around is to manually crop and then stretch enlarge the image.





JMP Community Graph Builder PowerPoint SaveAs WhiteSpace.jpg



Community Manager

From the Graph did you try FILE>SAVE AS>PowerPoint Presentation?  When you do that, you can edit the picture.  For example, I just dragged and dropped the simple Editable Graph Builder.pptx to fill the space.  I attached the .pptx file to this blog for you to see.

File Save As.png


Community Trekker

Yes. That works fine when there is just one graph to save.
It's when trying to save multiple graphs that the problem occurs.  Unfortunately that's when the export would be most valuable; otherwise I could just right click on the graph, edit>copy graph and paste.  
Try that same process you did in the reply with a graph in which you have dragged a variable to Page to make multiple graphs of the same format, maybe sales by month where each page is the customer.  That should reproduce what I'm seeing.


For example, open Car Physical Data from the sample library, do graph build contour plot and then drag country to page and Save As PowerPoint.  The white space will be there.



Community Trekker

I, too, would like to know how to get plots to PowerPoint without all the extra white space at the bottom. I created a graph in Graph Builder with a variable in the Page box, thus creating 10 plots. When I saved as PowerPoint, each plot was put nicely on a separate PowerPoint slide, but every plot image had this huge whitespace at the bottom as the earlier responder pointed out.


Frankly, I think this is a glitch that JMP needs to fix. I'm using Office 365 and JMP 14, the latest release.




Hi, JMP developer here...


Yes, this is a bug in in JMP. It has been fixed in the forthcoming JMP 15 but unfortunately, I don't have a workaround to offer for folks using JMP 14. Sorry for the issue, I'm sure it's frustrating!



Community Trekker

Thanks @jschroedl it's actually very helpful to know it's a bug and there isn't a better way or a work around.  Helps to know it's not just me doing something wrong and I can stop looking for an answer now.  Good to know it'll get fixed in JMP 15.   Thanks for letting us know.

Our company is relatively new to JMP and has a sizeable pool of users.  A few of us have the opportunity to use JMP more than others and are dubbed the experts.  So it's good for the morale of the group to get closure on an open question.


Thanks again!

Community Trekker

Hi @MaryLoveless,

I have a fit curve report that generates multiple plots. When exporting the results to power point I get one plot per slide. Is there a way to group the plots (other than copy-paste in power point) to show several plots per slide?




Community Trekker

Not sure if I'm appreciating the nuance here, but try this:  go to Preferences -> Reports -> "Transparent background for report PNG images", then in Graph Builder, right click under the legend and select "Copy picture" and paste into PPT.  That's how we do it, and the background comes through as transparent and looks great.