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Need a way to run all your data table scripts at once?

Sometimes, you want to run all scripts of interest associated with a specific data table. This may be particularly the case if you need to run many of the same reports frequently over time. Now there's a convenient way to do that, with a new JMP add-in.

Key features of the add-in are script selection, detailed or summary reporting and the option to display reports in a tabbed, tiled or classic multi-window format.

Using the add-in is straightforward, but a few instructions may be useful:

  1. Open the JMP data table that contains the scripts you would like to run, then select Add-Ins->Run All Table Scripts. Note: If you run the add-in with no data table open you will be prompted to open one.
  2. Select which scripts from the data table you would like to run (default is all) and specify whether you would like the reports to be detailed or summary views, as well as how you would like to view the results.

There are three different ways of viewing your results. What follows is an example of each.



tabbed_holmes.pngA tabbed report is a single-window report that displays each table script generated report in its own tab. 



tiled_holmes.pngA tiled report is a single window with a scroll bar that contain reports from the data table in two-column format.

Separate Windows

Multi_Holmes2.pngA multi-window view displays each report generated by the table scripts in their own separate window.


Each of these views offers a unique way to view your reports. I hope this add-in caters to many of your reporting needs. 

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