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JMP Licensing Blues, Part 1: Error While Processing JMP License File

This is one of the most common errors you might see when licensing JMP.This is one of the most common errors you might see when licensing JMP.

Once a year, JMP users and site representatives have the exciting task of renewing their JMP license file. While this task is usually a lightning fast process, there are complications that can turn this simple maintenance activity into a challenge. I will attempt to set you at ease and show you how to deal with the two most common errors that appear when licensing your JMP software. 

For brevity, I will address each error in its own blog post. In this post, we will talk about “Error While Processing JMP License File.” We will talk about the other error, “Unable to save PER file to specified location,” in a separate post.

Why does this error appear?

JMP license files are issued by version just like the JMP software. If your site is using multiple versions of JMP, your site representative will receive multiple JMP Renewal Order emails, each with a license file for a different version of JMP. If you have JMP on both Mac and Windows, your site representative will get double the love from our contracts team.

Typically, when a user gets the error message “Error While Processing JMP License File,” it is because of one primary reason – version mismatch. For example, if you attempt to apply a JMP 12 license file to JMP 13, the JMP software will realize that this is the wrong license file version and issue the warning: “Unable to process JMP license file.” It is also possible to get this error if you have a JMP 13 license file for JMP 13 software, but the operating system is for Mac and you are on Windows.

How do I read the JMP license file?

Since the version and operating system mismatch is the most common reason for the “Error While Processing JMP License File” error, let’s look at how to read the JMP license file. Every JMP license file will provide you the information you need to verify that you have the correct license file. All we must do is look at the name of the file.

A typical JMP license file name would be something like this: JMP130_9BXXXX_70000000_Win_X64. The first thing we see in the file name is the version of JMP: JMP130. In this case, it is for JMP 13.0. However, JMP license files are separated by major version number. That is a fancy way of saying that this JMP 13.0 license file can be used with JMP 13.1 and 13.2 as well. This allows users to take advantage of the software updates without worrying whether their license file is compatible.

Next is the order number: 9BXXXX. The order number is how we help your site representative track the different license renewal orders they receive. Every renewal order email will have a different order number.

The long number after the order number is the site number. The site number is a method of grouping similar users together. It is another way of helping your site representative track multiple user groups. If your organization has JMP for both Mac and Windows operating systems, you will have a site number for the Mac users and a different site number for the Windows users.

Finally, we get to the operating system. Here, there will be two values. Win_X64 indicates our example license file name is for Windows. While the name has X64 in the name, it can be used for 32-bit or 64-bit installations of JMP. You may also see OSX_X86-64. This indicates the license file is for Mac OS versions of JMP software.

Does the file match your system?

Now that we understand the JMP license file name, we need to ensure that version of our JMP software corresponds to our license file. We also need to ensure that the operating system is the same as the license file. In our example, JMP130_9BXXXX_70000000_Win_X64, if we have JMP 13.1 on Windows 10, we can use this file. However, if we have JMP 12.2 on Windows 10, we could not – the JMP version is incorrect. Additionally, if we had JMP 13.1 on Mac OS 10.12, we could not use it – the operating system is incorrect.

I hope this post has helped you understand how to address the “Error While Processing JMP License File” error. While it may seem scary, it just takes time to know what the error means and how to resolve it. In my next post, I will tackle the “Unable to save PER file to specified location” error.

Last Modified: Jul 19, 2018 9:37 AM