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How to create custom JMP to R add-ins

Have you ever wanted to create a JMP add-in that executes R code, but don’t know where to start with coding all the moving parts in JSL? Using display boxes to create a custom UI and also working with the JMP interface to R functions in JSL can be challenging for the new JMP scripter.

To make R functions more accessible to JMP users, I created a JMP add-in that has a configuration user interface and allows you to define and use custom JMP add-ins that execute R functions. Add-ins you generate using this add-in will allow you analyze your data in JMP using R functions without writing JSL or R code.

The add-in is particularly useful if you’d like to extend JMP past its built-in capabilities and leverage some functions that are available in R, such as SVM (Support Vector Machines), certain image analysis techniques, modern time series data mining methods, to name a few.

This program uses the JMP to R connection, and can also be adapted to create custom add-ins for functions in other languages such as JSL itself or MATLAB. 

Two examples I have created using this add-in are the SVM and PAA (Piecewise Aggregate Approximation of Time Series) functions, which are shown below in addition to a video tutorial for the add-in. Please see the add-in documentation for tutorials, example add-ins, usage notes, and more detailed information.


JMP to R Add-In Builder Example: SVM (Support Vector Machines)JMP to R Add-In Builder Example: SVM (Support Vector Machines)


JMP to R Add-In Builder Example: PAA (Piecewise Aggregate Approximation)JMP to R Add-In Builder Example: PAA (Piecewise Aggregate Approximation)
See a demo of the JMP to R Add-In Builder below:



I hope this add-in will prove useful for your JMP to R adventures. What R add-ins have you created with this tool? Let me know in the comments below!

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