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A simple way to automate "File Import/Append/Cleaning/Generate Report"

Ever wanted to automate processes and analyses? You can do it in JMP! This video shows how to automate the following steps, with a minimal amount of JSL (JMP Scripting Language) coding:

  1. Create a file dialog to allow you to select and open a file
  2. Append that data to a "master data table"
  3. Clean the data (using stored Recode command)
  4. Generate a report from the updated Master Data Table

Last Modified: Mar 20, 2020 9:20 AM
Level II

Good video.  Thanks.  JT

Level II



Can you make the script available?

Level III


// = = = 

// Script to concatenate a file to an existing master file
Names Default To Here( 1 );
// Open the master data table
// Then call current master data table "dtmaster"
dtmaster = Current Data Table();
// Open file dialog to select file to be appended to master, name it "dtnew"
// If an Excel file the Excel Import wizard will open
dtnew = Open();

//Concatenate the new to the master file by appending it
dtmaster << Concatenate( dtnew, Append to first table );

//Close new table
Close( dtnew, NoSave );
// Now the master file contains the new appended info

Brilliant Jerry - Great tips for automation.


Thanks @JerryFish for preparing and posting this!  A nice bite sized guided video journey into automating a script with importing.


I'd like to share another nice reference here on data preparation and analysis in JMP since I think it is at least partially connected to what you have shared; It's a white paper available on entitled: "JMP takes the struggle out of data wrangling."