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🙏 X group: restrict the values on the axis to the respective group

☐ cool new feature
☑ could help many users!

☑ removes a „bug“

☐ nice to have

☐ nobody needs it




get rid of all this white space !!!





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With nominal values on the x axis and X group activated, the axes of the sub-plots share a common list of values.

All plots show all values.


In the example below, X group says that girls are in the left plot and boys are in the right plot.

But due to axis sharing between both subplots, boys and girls show up on the axes of both plots.
This is counter-intuitive and consumes unnecessary space.

With some steps the underlying data table can be changed to generate a plot with girls just on the left and boys on the right:


Would be great to have a right click option to directly "disentangle" the axis settings such that each axis gets (just) its own values.


similar topics:

- same effect for y axis values and Y group

- different axis scaling for continuous values in different sub-plots.


example: Plot with male and female students.

Unfortunately, the plot on the left (F!) lists also all the  male students - and the plot on the right (M!) all the female students !??!



more wishes submitted by  hogi_2-1702196401638.png

Status changed to: Acknowledged

@hogi - Thank you for your suggestion! We have captured your request and will take it under consideration.


One option that gets you close to what you want is to use factor nesting on the X-axis instead of grouping, but you do lose some of the visual separatin cues that come with using grouping.  




Status changed to: Investigating
Level IV

I would also love to have that option.

Level VI


Note: I commonly have implemented SamGardener's workaround, but I agree this should be a feature, no workaround needed.

Level XI

NB: same issue for nested level on Group X or Group Y.

Here you see a plot with Group Y labels moved to the left:
- a lot of white space

- on the other hand one cannot even read all the labels.



here, the same plot with hierarchical labels on the Y Axis (instead of Group X) --> only the labels which the user needs



Level I

I also have the same problem! The only solution is to restructure the data, which is very elaborate.

Level I

As a long-time Minitab user (who is more and more using jmp because of its many advantages :-)), I can only say that this is one of the mostly used options in our Minitab community for all kind of grouped plots. Really helpful (and just 1 click in Minitab, see snippet below).

So, I think this would be an improvement for jmp.



Level XI

With so much support for the wish and almost 2 years since submission - I hope there is no force pulling in the opposite direction to prevent the new feature?
@Sarah-Sylvestre , could you please give an update on the current status?


Level XI

I really hope it will be available in v19 ...