Test if data table is locked

Currently there does not seem to be any method to test if a table is locked if it has been locked either through the red triangle drop down or the Lock Data Table() function. 


When a data table is locked either through the drop down or in JSL with dt<<Lock Data Table(1); testing to see if the table is locked using dt<< Get Edit Lock(); returns Empty(), which doesn't make sense. My expectation is that it should return a list: {"Modify Cells", "Add Rows", "Delete Rows", "Add Columns", "Delete Columns"}. 

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Defect ID: S1546324

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I have a kludge work around. 


dt = current data table();
Try( dt << New Column( "Test Lock"); dt << Delete Columns("Test Lock"), lock=1);     

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 Thanks gz. I like the kludge, but JMP should still fix the unexpected behavior.

Thanks for the suggestion and workarounds. This is being imlemented now and i can report that i've seen it working in the major version of JMP (16) currently under development. We appreciate the suggestion!


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