One-sided limit option in Fit Life by X Custom Estimation (which exists in Life Distribution)

In Life Distribution Custom Estimation, Confidence Limits can be two-sided, one-sided upper or one-sided lower. In Fit Life by X I'm missing this option - confidence limits are always two-sided. It would be great to have one-sided limits in Fit Life by X as well.


Below are screenshots from Life Distribution (top) where e.g. "Lower" can be selected via the red triangle and Fit Life by X (bottom). I suppose there I could choose a confidence level 90% two-sided to obtain a 95% one-sided lower limit, but this can easily be misunderstood in reporting. I generally wonder if "one-sided" resp. "two-sided" should appear in the column title, or if an extra column could provide the info on Interval Type - "one-sided" or "two-sided", as at the moment this aspect is clear only through the fact that one column is missing when calculating one-sided limits in Life Distribution.


LifeDistribution_CustomEstimation_Interval.JPG   LifebyX_CustomEstimation_Interval.JPG

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