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Make the quoted string in the :Name() function an evaluated element

I would like the quoted string in the :Name() function to be an element that JMP evaluates, rather than just being a quoted string.  I would like the below script to work

names default to here(1);
dt=current data table();


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I agree this would make the syntax consistent.  Currently, I like to use, and train to use, the syntax, column(<dt,> "name") or column(thename), which I know Jim is aware of. Just adding a ditto to Jim's wish list item, and showing an alternative to those reading this on the blog.

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I like this idea, too. Another potentially acceptable option might be As Name(thename)?


Name is always intended as parse-time. There are plenty of ways to make the reference indirect, e.g. :

Open("$Sample_Data/Big Class.jmp");
theX = "weight"; theY = "height";
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