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Subset by formula

Why it is not possible to subset directly fromt he menu table>Subset> subset by formula


This way you need first to create a new column with the formula in there and the criterias for subsetting and then subset by the created column.



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I'm afraid I don't know what you mean, "Subset by Formula". Can you clarify?

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Hi Jeff_Perkinson


In the menu Tables>Subset  you can do "subset by a column", which is pretty much the same like "split by"

In Minitab you have the posibility to subset by formula, like in SQL, where  column1 > 2 and column3<6 and genre=male and year>2016.


The only ways i know at the moment is to create a column with if then else formula in it or use the "JMP query Builder" for simple use Filters or create a new column under Available Columns" with the specific formula.


you could save 8-10 mouse clicks when there was an option in subset by formula...


hope my point is now cleare...




In the Subset dialog, turn on Subset By.

Then right-click on a column name and choose Formula.

That will bring up the formula editor so you can enter a custom expression.

When you OK the subset dialog you will get a subset for each formula result value, usually 0 or 1 if your formula is a false or true expression.


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Perfekt, many thanks for showing this hidden future ;-)...


So this Idea can be closed or maybe do a select option on the mask and not hidden by right mouse click...

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Closing as already offered and explained above.