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Preferences for Standard Date format

the standard is always set to m.d.y and there is no way to set the preferences to d.m.y.


somewhere it was wrote that it takes the preferences which are set as specific from Windows, but this is not working.


Another phenomena is that if you script it, like this, it works only after updating data from mssql server it works or if you do it manually by hand (m.d.y --> d.m.y over  column info)

col<<data type("numeric")<< modeling type("continuous") << Format ("d.m.y",12)<<Input Format ("d.m.y");




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Can you clarify your request? Do you mean a default format for interpreting data during import? Or for display of a column in the data table?

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Mainly the display of a column in the data table, which is always set to m.d.y  instead of european d.m.y set up.



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I've a similear issue.. If I have data in excel in dd/mm/yyyy format and copy / paste into a JMP datatable, JMP is assumng that my data is in the format mm/dd/yyyy. Is there a setting which enables JMP to default to dd/mm/yyyy for european users?



Another user asked for a standard setting when importing data from csv. E.g. you have a date column in a csv files and you want to import it using a specific standard date format, as otherwise there might be a day/month exchange (because the first value is not uniquely identifed, e.g. 2.3.2018 could be 2. March or 3.February). Being able to set the standard date format for import preference, not just display preference is important for european users handling multinational data.

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