Setting Confidence and Proportion to Cover for Tolerance Intervals only once for all by-groups

I would like an option in the Distribution Platform Preferences to set standard values for Confidence and Proportion to Cover to be used in Tolerance Interval Calculation.


Similarly, when computing Tolerance Intervals for many by-groups, it would be great if there was an option to specify Confidence and Proportion to Cover only once for all by-groups, because typically in such a situation I want to use the same levels for all groups (or is there a way to this by holding down a key or sth? Using ctrl works only to the degree that the interval is computed for all groups, but each time levels must be specified).

Maybe you can supply typical settings as you do for Confidence Intervals, although here it would have to be 3x3 (0.9/0.9, 0.9/0.95, 0.9/0.99, 0.95/0.9, .... ) plus other...


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Level III

There are other areas where this pops up occassionally. One example would be in Fit Y by X if you have an Equivalence Test, the pop up will ask you for each by-group what the practical threshold is. In instances where it is the same value all N times, it would serve as a nice shortcut to have the option you mentioned specified.

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Yes, I absolutely agree. Had that situation once or twice, as well.