Why can't JMP allow Special Fit lines to be extended beyond data set?

     This is a request to add back a feature/capability that existed before JMP 13.

After making an XY plot, it is common to have JMP apply a best fit line.  However, JMP limits the extent range to be not much beyond the X-values of the data set.  This is to avoid extrapolation errors and it is, arguably, a good thing.  

     However, I frequently plot XY plots then want to apply a forced line.  For example, I have two columns of data representing a single measurement reading made by two different pieces of test equipment.  Notwithstanding R&R, each of the readings should be the same value regardless which piece of test equipment collected the reading.  Therefore, I want to apply a "special fit" -- a  forced 1:1 line fit (slope=1, intercept = 0).  Please note that I *know* that this 1:1 relationship should exist far beyond  the range of the data plotted.  The problem is that JMP 13 refuses to extend the 1:1 ("special fit") line beyond the data.  JMP thinks it is protecting me from using best-fits and extrapolating beyond safe ranges, but in this case, this is not a "best-fit", it is a forced-fit and, in this case, I know with 100% certainty that the forced-fit is valid out to very large range extents.  I do not want to have do special scripting to create a graphical equivalent of this request.

     REQUEST:  In XY plots, JMP should allow forced-fits to extend the full range of the displayed axis limits, even if those axis limits are far beyond the plotted data.







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