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automatically write "Source" script when "Make Combined Data Table"

"Make Combined Data Table" is one of JMP's most powerful features, yet one of its most challenging to script. No matter how many times I use this feature when exploring my data, I nearly always fail repeatedly when I try to incorporate it into a longer JMP-scripted data analytical pipeline. (I suspect I'm not the only one who has pinged repeatedly on this same issue.)


When users run any of the platforms accessible from the Table menu the table that gets created is automatically created with a "Source" script that can be copied and pasted into a larger script in such a way that only minor and relatively obvious tweaking is needed to get the table script working in its new context. Yet when users request "Make Combined Data Table", usually no source script gets written automatically to the newly created table. This seems like a glaring and important gap in JMP's feature set that I hope can be filled with the next release.


Intriguingly, when users request "Make Combined Data Table" for a report table that occurs only once within the report, a script called "Make Combined Data Table" is in fact saved to the data table. But it is relatively non-obvious (to me) what kind of tweaking is needed to adapt the saved script to the situation where there are actually multiple tables that I very much need to combine.


I suspect there are many of us who would benefit if a functioning "Source" script were automatically saved to the newly created table every time "Make Combined Data Table" is requested -- especially when there are actually multiple tables to combine.

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