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Make decimal separator an option

I would like to be able to specify decimal separators as comma or period on a per table basis. So decouple it from my local computer settings. Reason being that I import data from all around the world and export to people around the world as well.

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Hi Paul,

not sure if you came across the below wish. It's "In Development" (see comments) and goes in the same direction as your wish. There, a developer suggested to implement a field in which to enter the decimal sign which can be independent of the system settings or display language. This would work well for me, and I'm looking forward to it. I believe your idea is to add such a field to File -> Open, rather than the main preferences?




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I like the plan mentioned in the post, if that can also be added to all file import dialog's we would have maximum robustness. It could probably be a table property (similair to a column property) for data stored in JMP tables.