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Make Variability Charts in Interactive HTML interactive

I would like to see variability charts saved as interactive HTML have interactive features. Variability charts are saved as pictures without interactive features in the latest version of JMP, JMP 14. 

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Defect ID: S1442754


Can you provide a dataset/script for the chart you would like to see?  I tried a few from the sample data library and they are interactive, but maybe you have different requirements.

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I plotted a variability chart for Abrasion vs Shift using Abrasion.jmp table from the sample library and saved the chart as interactive HTML, which automatically opens it up in Internet explorer. When I hover the mouse over the chart, a message pops up saying "this feature is not yet interactive".

dt = Open("$SAMPLE_DATA/Abrasion.jmp");
Rep = dt << Variability Chart( Y( :Abrasion ), X( :Shift ) );
Rep << Save Interactive HTML("$DESKTOP/Test.html");
Level II

I tried the script, the graph in html is not interactive and I still get the same message, "the feature is not yet interactive". All I can do is conceal contents by clicking on the inverted triangles. It is not possible to select data. Just FYI, I am using JMP 14.

Can you tell me any messages you have in the log because it is working for me in 14.  Also maybe you have different preferences set under Preferences > Platforms > Variability Chart that could result in different behavior.  Which boxes are checked there?

Level II

I see the following message in the log


Interactive HTML: Box plots without response variables are not interactive.

Created Web Page.

Mine does not show box plots when I run that script (you might have different options checked in Preferences as I mentioned).  If you go to the red triangle menu and uncheck "Show Box Plots", does it come out interactive?  Does this give you what you need, or are the box plots necessary?  I will talk to the developer working on box plots to see why this is box plot is forcing it to static.

Level II

If I uncheck "show box plots", it does come out to be interactive. Yes, I need the box plots to show up on a variability chart. Hope this gets fixed in the next release.


Based on your needs, we intend to make box plots interactive in variability charts in JMP 14.2. Thanks for your feedback!

Level II

Thank you very much! Looking forward to this feature.