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Add ctrl broadcast option when using "By" in Graph Builder

Using "Page" in Graph Builder I can get changes to broadcast nicely to all graphs, but using "By" I am unable to get that broadcasting. I would appreciate being able to use the Ctrl key to get a change on one graph to propagate to all graphs when using "By".


E.g., if I open Graph Builder, click "Dialog", add a nominal X, continuous Y, nominal Page, then it produces a set of point plots. By holding Ctrl and clicking on the "box plot" icon, it transforms all the plots into box plot. Nice!


However, if I open Graph Builder, click "Dialog", add a nominal X, continous Y, nominal By, again it produces a set of point plots. But when I Ctrl + click "box plot", only one graph is transformed into a box plot, the rest of the graphs remain as point plots. Not so nice.


I would like if "Page" and "By" behaved the same in this sense - holding Ctrl while making changes broadcasts those changes to all plots.

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Try CTRL+Shift + Right Click. 


Using the JMP sample data set PopAgeGroup.jmp, select GraphBuilder dialog, and specify:

  • Region for BY
  • Country for X
  •  F Rate 0-19, F Rate 20-59, and F Rate 60+ for Y

My resulting graph included elements, points and smoother. Using CTRL + Shift + Right click, Smoother, Remove. Then CTRL + Shift + Right Click Points, change to BoxPlots.  All graphs were changed for me.

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Hmm, I followed your instructions and only one plot changed for me.

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@markschwab You did not mention which version og JMP you arse using and which OS.  I tested this on JMP PRO 12-14 on WINDOWS OS and this works: holding down teh CTRL and SHIFT and right click broadcasts the select to all By graphs.


If you are on a MAC the shortcut keys might not be the same.  JMP provides a handy Quick Reference guide, available by selecting Help ► Books ► Quick Reference


Below is an example. So if you age using a MAC 


Sorry this didn't wor for you.