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Kubelka-Munk, S.Golay, reflectance to transmittance, ...


after the implementation of the Functional Data Explorer it would be very helpful to extend the transformation possibilities in order to handle spectroscopic (e.g. NIR/ MIR-data) inside this nice and handy platform. To use this kind of data I use "UnscramblerR" on a regular base to convert reflectance data to transmission data, change wafelength to wavenumber, do Kubelka-Munk and/or S. Golay transformations, calculate derivatives, smoothen spectra curves and so on. But as it is quite work intens to import the data into Excel, go to Unscrambler do the calcuations - sometimes more kinds than realy necessary (which I detect afterwards using JMPPRO), back to Excel and than finally to JMPPRO to dig inside the data, it would be a big releave to  do all this things just inside JMPPRO.

Kind Regards

E. Gross

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