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I frequently use Journals to capture snapshots of my output. I will then rearrange objects in the journal (typically so that things look more "square" or "wide" (since computer screens are wide, not tall, and JMP reports tends to be tall). Also Creating an outline box in the Journal to contain a section of analysis is a nice way to organize the journal. Then when I want to share it, my typical tool is powerpoint, but I would also like to use export to HTML.   Exporting to doesn't always work as I intend, because typically each outline box and sometimes text boxes in the display are exported as separate pages in power point.


Here are some wishes:

1) Allow Journals to be published to HTML.  (this would be great for JMP Live).

2) Create a way to indicated that a group of display objects should be treated as one thing for conversion to an image when exporting to powerpoint.  Ideas on how to do this:  

   a) create a flag for the OutlineBox() display object to indicate that everything contained in that outline box should be grouped together for export.  And then update the export / save to powerpoint to recognize that flag and capture the whole contents of the outline box as an image together

   b) create a new display object (aka ExportTogetherBox()) that acts like what I described above



Even if the Outline Box() could have a flag to set that says "treat this like all one thing" for export to powerpoint, that would be fantastic.

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Splitting these items out into separate wishes might be helpful.  #2 and #3 seem like internal improvements to journals whereas #1 sounds like an Interactive HTML and/or JMP Live request that would probably be tracked separately.

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@MathStatChem, could you split these into separate requests? That would make it possible to track and gauge support for these wishes individually. Thanks