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Improved Legend size based on number of categories

(reference Control Legend Layout / Length )


In platforms like Fit Y by X you can add a Row Legend to the graph. However, if there many categories to that legend, JMP just makes a one really long legend. This makes category identification / copy&pasting / etc difficult.


I would like one of two things: 
1) JMP to automatically adjust the legend into multiple columns so that the legend is never longer than the graph is tall
2) Give options to users so they can control how the legend is displayed

Some platforms already do some form of this (Plots in Fit Curve already have some level of column legend display). I am already aware there are some work arounds or using other platforms for display, but sometimes, Fit Y by X is the only platform option for some tasks... I haven't looked all over, but I believe Fit Y by X isn't the only platform which could use an update like this.


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Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @nathan-clark, thank you for your suggestion! We have captured your request and will take it under consideration.