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Improve Add-In Builder Menu Item Creation

I would like to see some improvements in the add-in builder.  I consistently want to use a main menu item to store all the add-ins I create for my group, rather than have the addins show up in the default "Addins" menu.  As an example, I have several script that I like to use routinely and also share them with my team.  I want to have a menu item on the main menu called "Team Tools", and then all of my shared addins will go there.  


Currently, the way I do that is either to go through the steps described here , or is just manuallly create the JMPCUST file to create the addin menu item.  The XML structure to do this is not documented in the JMP help or books, so you have to reverse engineer the syntax or just create examplars and re-use them as templates.  What I would like to see is the ability in the add-in builder to create custom menu with all the flexibility that exists in the menu customization tool accessible by right clicking the menu.  


Finally, if the XML specification for the menu structure could be better documented, I think that would also help with building JMP addins and other menu customizations.  



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Defect ID: S1496631, S1496632

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Hi @MathStatChem,

You may find my Add-In Manager add-in useful. It allows you to do more customizations with the jmpcust file without the need for manual editing. One thing it allows is for you to move the menu commands to other main menu items besides Add-Ins.

I will pass your suggestions along to further document the jmpcust structure and for improvements to the native Add-In Builder.