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Importing images to a Data Table from a folder

I would like to be able to import selected images from a folder into a new or existing Data Table with the option to either match names of images with names in an existing column or to have the names of the images written in a separate column (see attached illustration).


It should be possible to specify a name for the Expression column ("Process Result Pic" in the illustration) and a name for the ID column (if used, "Serial Number" in the illustration), or if names of images should be matched with entries in an existing column, then the name of the existing column must be specified.

It would be very handy if file sizes could be reduced (on import) down to a max of x Mbyte, and to a maximum width or height (as in the Column Property "Expression Role").


I'm aware that there is a community entry by M_Anderson with supplied jsl code that goes in a very similar direction, but with the expectation that a column with pic names already exists. I couldn't get this to work (probably I misinterpreted sth there).  It would be nice to have an official tool for this with more options.


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I just realised that the key aspect of the above can be done in JMP 14.2 using File -> Import Multiple Files...

I tried .png and .jpg. The images are imported into one Expression column and their names go into a separate column (if selected).

This is a great help, developers, thanks you!

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As noted above, this can be done with Multiple File Import.