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Adding Images to A Data Table From a Directory


This is now possible to be done natively in JMP 14 through the Multiple File Import capability (Documentation)


This is a little script to add a bunch of images from a directory to a data table.  It expects that the image names will be in a column in the data table.  It will then create a new expression column with a formula that pulls the images in.  As written, it expects that the images and the data table are in the same directory, but that could be easily changed.


To make the data table portable (i.e., no longer needing to be in the same directory as the images), simply remove the formula from the expression column after it has finished pulling in the images.  


hi Anderson


it works in JMP 13, or also other version. because i can`t get what you mentioned in JMP12.

All column shows  Empty().

can you give more details, i don`t know if my operation was wrong or not.


The expression column should work with JMP 12.  My guess is that there is something up the formatting of your file paths.  Can you provide an example of the table you are trying to run the script on?  Also, are you working on mac or windows?





this the way of my floder including JMP file and picture.

C:\Users\Juna\Desktop\New folder



And what is the file type of the images?

it`s tif file, and i use windows

Okay - I missed this in the data table. You need the file path information in the “Response” column. So, the two entries should be

C:\Users\Juna\Desktop\New folder\aa
C:\Users\Juna\Desktop\New folder\Desert

sorry, it`s still not worked.  

is there other person who use it ok?

Yup - I’ve used it a few times with several people.

Oh, good grief… Sorry - I’m coming off of vacation.  Your screen shot has the answer.  Note that the formula in the “micrograph” column is referencing a column called “Image”… Your table doesn’t have an “Image” column.  You need to either change the “Image” in the formula to match the column name that has the image path or change the column name in the table to be “Image."


thanks for your help. but it seems it not work on my part.

but i have found another way to add pictures into a table, also for many rows in below topic.