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Full JMP on iOS (Ipad Pro)

Hi all, 

working on MacOS, I am trying to convince me to switch to iOS and a new Ipad pro. 

Everything I do on my MBPro is doable on Ipad Pro, EXCEPT JMP!

Yes there is JMP graphViewer, but no way to implement data in a JMP table, or to convert a xls file filled on the Ipad to JMP...


It is more and more needed to have a full version of JMP on iOS!

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As someone who has had an iPad since version 1, this has always been a thought - and so I have found myself thinking about how to make it worthwhile for the JMP/SAS folks (i.e. $$).  It would have to generate revenue without cannibalizing sales (cost extra on top of existing license) ... and actually have enough capabilities to make it worth the $$ without significantly impacting the ability to meet JMP deliverables (likely meaning added resources).


Not sure how all of that closes, but always intrigued by the concept.