JMP Recode request- how to recode previously recoded terms

During the curation phase of a text exploration, it would be beneficial to be able to recode recoded words or phrases.  The process of curation typically involves cleaning up the data, exploring the results, and then determining if another round of curation is necessary.  Often times there are cumulative recodes that are necessary to get the context included into a term or phrase.  For example,  first I need to recode and group the terms Smelled and Smelling into Smells.  Then I can find phrases of Smells Good or Smells Bad and so I would Add phrases to my term list.  However, there are multiple variations of these phrases and if any of the phrases include a term that is already recoded, then the phrase can no longer be modified (even though the newly recoded phrase will show up in the Recoded term list).  So I would no longer be able to modify Smelled Good and Smelling Good into a new phrase, "All Smells good phrases".


An example can be seen with the sample Pet Survey.



  1. Analyze > Text Explorer
  2. Select all terms > Recode
    1. Group similar values > OK
  3. Select a few phrases such as Dogs Bark and Dogs Food
    1. Add phrase
  4. Term list
    1. Select the 2 added phrases
      1. Recode >Group these 2 phrases and give them a new Name (to make it easy to find) such as "Dog stuff"
    2. Not all phrases will be recoded (although a peek at the Managed Recodes will show that this change has been made).


In this example it might not make sense to make  "Dog stuff" but I am trying to show the issue.  An actual example might include perfume comments.  Imagine I first need to recode all related synonyms (Scent, scents, smell, smells, smelled, odor, fragrance....ect).  Next I want to add phrases that provide some context such as Good scent, Great smell, Amazing perfume and recode the phrases into a Positive Scent or a Negative Scent group.  This is where the recode evolution would be useful.

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